What is SOOC?

SOOC is an acronym for Straight Out Of the Camera. Meaning the images that come directly from the camera. I like to call these raw, unedited images. Something that we do to make our images extra special is to give them some extra love…
For instance… When you order a print from us, before we send the digital file off to the color lab to be professionally printed, we enhance the raw image with color correction and run some custom actions and add a little magic, and Voila…. We can’t give away our secrets… But here’s an example of some already gorgeous clients… (Images have been re-sized to fit on the blog)

This bouquet was corrected for color,  a vintage layer added and edges burned.

The original is slightly underexposed, so I brightened, added a vintage layer and smoothed the skin.

Skin smoothed, color brightened, curves + color correction

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Jonathan Dear - Hey J! I love your processing – its not over the top, or too much – its perfect! It really just lets the strength of your photos shine without lots of effects / overprocessing! +1 for a fan of your work!

Billy Jean - I <3 your images!

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