Toomer’s Oak Trees

I was just backing up a session that I shot this past weekend and I had to take a moment to share just one.   For those of you that don’t know the significance of the Toomer’s Oaks, read here;

The Oak trees at Toomer’s corner have been poisoned, that’s a fact.  They may survive, they may not, no one really knows for certain. We have hired a local tree extraction service company to come see if we can save the trees or if they need to be removed. What we can do is photograph them and preserve their memory for years to come.  After all, a photograph records our history.  Even though the trees may not be there when your children attend Auburn, you will always be able to share them through the photographs that tell the story of you!   So for those of you that mourn the trees for all the celebrations they have seen, go take a photo with them and share it when your children ask about Auburn University, and maybe you can share them over a cold glass of Toomer’s lemonade.

This ridiculously good looking couple is Jessica and Chris… And you will see more of them soon!   😉


free living - wow wow wow
Awesome photo.
Couple looking very good together.

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