The Thankful Gift Giving Game

A year or two ago I read an article in a magazine about how to teach your children to be thankful when opening a present even if it was something they already had or something that they didn’t really want.  I wish I could find the article, but I’m sure the magazine is long gone. I wanted to show them that you should be thankful no matter what the gift is.  It was a gift game, and we put our own twist on it and our entire family laughs so hard and our children learn positivity and thankfulness while having tons of fun.

We started out by getting a gift bag for each family member, but any old bag will work. We used some bags we had saved from last year and together, we set the kitchen timer for 60 seconds and each family member had to run though the house and find one item to put in their bag to gift to someone else.   Here’s where it gets fun…

We started from youngest to oldest and Conner (4) passed his bag to Daddy.  He opened up a spoon, FROM THE DISHWASHER that had not yet been run.  I about peed my pants.  Now my husband had to open the spoon and say 2 reasons why he loved the dirty spoon, and if you know my husband, he was all sorts of disgusted.  Giggles turned to tears of laughter and he came up with  “he could eat his oatmeal every morning and he would think of Conner every time he used it”.  Conner was so proud because Daddy was so happy about his dirty spoon he had chosen for him.  Alec (9) received a pair of shorts, that were twice his size.  Once again we laughed, he held them up and told us how excited he was because they would be great to play outside and they would keep him warm.  We all took our turn and then ran around playing several more times laughing so hard and being extremely proud of our children for coming up with creative ways to use their gifts while making the gift giver feel great about the gift they gave even if it wasn’t a great gift.

Now, I’m sure you could play the game with nice gifts from around the house, but we ended up with someone’s toothbrush, an empty soda can, junk mail, a tape measure and who knows what else.  But that made the game even more fun because it was a challenge to say how you would use the gift even when it was something outrageous.   I hope you and your family can play the game and have as much fun as our crazy family.  It’s almost Christmas time, Hurry and play nice!

What will you find in your gift bag???

OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS - love.this.idea!!! we tell that to our kids whenever they receive a gift, it makes the giver feel good 🙂 hope you guys have an awesome and blessed christmas!

Kristen - What an adorable idea! I will definitely be playing this game with my son this year!

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