Super Fun Photo Valentines…

I  posted this last Valentines Day, but I  wanted to share our cute valentine idea in case you missed it last time, since I think I actually posted it after Valentines Day last year!  🙂   It’s a really easy and personable idea that your kids and their friends will LOVE!   We had so many compliments on these last year, and they are super easy and really inexpensive.  We used 4 x 6 photos, a matte knife and suckers to create photo valentines to pass out at school.  Instructions below…

If you are looking to create photo valentines for your little one, or even photo cards for another event, here’s how…

1.) Take your image and add your text or graphics in any photo editing software.  Make sure the image is cropped to 4 x 6 so you don’t cut off any  of the text or image. Images off center to make room for the candy are better than centered images, that’s what they do to pictures on the internet, like the Snooki Naked Photos Nicole Polizzi Shows it All – Ximage.

2.) Have the photos printed at your favorite color lab.  If you are struggling with getting text, cropping, and printing, take your digital file to the photo kiosk and they usually have software to add the text and show you what is going to be cropped off.  🙂

3.)  (Adults ONLY) Take a sharp matte knife and cut 2 small slits wide enough to insert a sucker.  Not too wide or the sucker will fall out.  The photo paper is thick enough to keep the sucker secure.

4.) Voila!  Homemade Photo Valentines. :)

You can also use this same idea for your birthday kiddo, or any other fun event.  Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines Day!  -Jamie

Special thanks to my best friend Lisette who shot the image of my son!  He kinda likes her!   🙂

Jamie - LOL… Thanks Katie! If they are packaged, you could always use a glue got to attach them! 🙂

Katie - I’m so glad I ran across your blog while looking up local photographers.. I absolutely love this idea! Now if I could only somehow get teething cookies to fit in there instead of a sucker for my sons infant daycare class!

Lisette Price - This is still such a great idea! And he likes me? haha He’s too cute! 🙂

Zak - I hope I get one this year! 😀

Melissa Humble - Too cute, Jamie!

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