Saying Goodbye to the Toomers Oaks

If you have followed the news, you know about the Toomer’s oaks being poisoned, and last week they were removed.  It was a sad day for a lot of Auburn students, alumni, fans and Auburn residents.  The Crawford family traveled back to Auburn for A-Day and to have a session on campus.  Here are a few images from the Crawford Family!  War Eagle!


Please note that Auburn University requires a permit fee to shoot on campus.

The Modern Album

Some couples choose wedding albums, and some just want to have digital images.  It always makes me excited to know that a couple will have an album to show their children and grandchildren of their wedding day.  In twenty years, digital images may no longer be compatible with the systems of the future… But a leather bound album will always be a tangible reminder one of the best days of your life.  There are several album options available when choosing your album, Kristin & Russ chose The Modern Album for their wedding album.   The design spreads smoothly across the fold for a seamless look.  Clean simple and timeless.

F a c e b o o k   M e !