Fat Doggy

 Two and a half years ago I shared a couple pictures of our new puppy Pete… Our very first pet… EVER!!


Well, He grew, he grew and he grew some more.  He’s now a 74 lb Springer Spaniel who will do pretty much anything for a treat.  See the slobber… Normal sized springers are 40-50 lbs.  Although he can’t really help the fact that’s he’s overweight.  He has epilepsy and takes several medicines to control his seizures that make him very hungry and tired.  So here’s a photo of our fat doggy all grown up and very much loved.  🙂

Baby Hudson

I never set out to photograph newborns.  It just really wasn’t something that had ever crossed my mind.  But when you do weddings, that couple eventually has a baby and well, the rest is history.  I’ve had several people actually call me the baby whisperer… I promise… I can sooth other people’s babies much better than I ever could my own.  But somehow, I seem to find joy in holding and loving on these sweet little babies since my boys have grown so big, even bigger than me.  So it’s actually quite a treat to see a new baby once and awhile.   Anyway… Meet Hudson… He’s pretty cute!

See this vintage red suitcase… My mom found this for me… I have her on a mission for random baby props.  Although she lives in Northern Indiana… She finds some great stuff!  Thanks Mom!  You’re the best!

Mommy is a teacher, so I think it’s only fitting that he had a photo with a few stories!

When we first moved to Alabama we were told we had to declare… Confused, I asked- “Declare What?”  Simple… Are you rooting for Auburn or Alabama… I do believe at 12 days old Hudson has declared that he’s an Auburn Fan.  War Eagle Hudson!

Oh and the last 2 crates…. Another amazing find from my mom.  I think I owe her…  🙂   Happy Wednesday!

Kristin - You do absolutely amazing work! Hudson is a gorgeous baby and you’ve captured his preciousness so wonderfully! I agree, you are the baby whisperer. And you can make babies laugh when no one else can. They just can’t resist your silly faces!
PS.. Keep up the good work finding props Mom!

Auburn Family Photographer – Landmark Builders

How cute is this family??  This is the Wolfe family from Landmark Builders here in Auburn Alabama.   I photographed the Wolfe family at one of the homes they just recently completed  in East Lake Subdivision.  The house has been featured in the past few issues of East Alabama Living while under construction and in the next issue you will be able to see the completed home and more of the Wolfes.   Trust me on this one… You will not want to miss seeing this home.  It is gorgeous from top to bottom. If you have parties or events then I recommend you to get a photo booth from My Boogie Booth – MI.

F a c e b o o k   M e !