Lee County Humane Society Food Wishlist

Today I learned that our local Lee County Humane Society only feeds Purina brand Dog/Puppy/Cat/Kitten Chow to the rescued animals. They can not give them other brands if donated. That would make sense, they are already in a stressful environment and giving them different varieties of foods would upset their tummies causing more clean up and other possible heath problems from being sick.  So if you are planning on dropping off some Christmas dinner at your local shelter make sure to check what food they can serve to their furry guests!

Here’s a printable wish list for Lee County, Alabama!


Please share and spread the word so our local animals in need of homes will have full tummies!

Donations can be dropped off at :

Lee County Humane Society

1140 Ware Drive

Auburn, AL 36832



2014 Hudson Family Home Run Derby & Mike Lutzenkirchen

The Hudson Family Foundation does so much for our local community and for the past couple years I’ve had the privilege of working with them to capture some of their events.  This years Home Run Derby at Plainsmen Park was a little different because Tim was straight off a win with the San Fransisco Giants as a world Series Champ!  Raise your hands if you’re a world series champ!


A few of the big hitters!


A special guest this year was Mr. Mike Lutzenkirchen who tragically lost his son Phillip 20 weeks ago.   Mike now speaks about Phillip’s life and his choices in his last day though a foundation called The Lutzie 43 Foundation.  Mike and his family hold a special place in my heart because of the great young man they raised.  Phillip was always kind, generous and funny.  For as many charity events that I volunteered at, Phillip was at almost every single one.  Cutting jokes, taking photos with kids and doing anything he could at any of the events, including offering to help me.  He was a great kid and I hope my boys grow up to be as kind and caring as Phil.


I’m including this last image of my son Alec (on the right) and his friends posing with Mike.  Just like his son Phillip, Mike stopped to talk to these guys and take a photo.


Kind of like this photo of both my sons with Phil taken almost a year earlier.  🙁


Thank you for what you do Mike.  Rest in Peace Phil.


F a c e b o o k   M e !