Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my Dad’s birthday, and sadly, I’m 700 miles away from my family!  🙁   My Dad is THE BEST Dad anyone could ever have, and living this far away, I miss him so much!  He’s not much for taking pictures, OK, he HATES having his picture taken, so it’s almost impossible to find one where he looks like he’s enjoying himself.   I dug out some pictures and found this image that was probably the first image of him and I on the day I was born.

And I found a little wallet size family pic that I’m guessing is about 1995 or so? And yes, I got my Dad’s crazy hair and eyebrows.

Now these are both nice pictures and all, but if you know my Dad, you know he is the funniest, goofiest, story telling guy you have ever met.  In fact, my kids and I were having a conversation about why old people sometimes tell the same stories over and over again, and one of my boys said, “Not Grandpa, he tells lots of stories, but they are never true!”  To which we all laughed because that is SOOO Dad.  He makes up all kinds of funny stories to make us laugh.  He’s gonna kill me for this, but I stole this image off my Mom’s facebook page.. This is my Dad!   I’m not sure if he’s trying to look like  a moose or he’s just trying to appease my mom and get the picture over with, but this makes me smile so big because this is how he normally looks, minus the funny gloves!  I love you Daddy!  Happy Birthday!

Zak - Yay!!! Dads are the best…but I’m biased. 😉 Happy birthday to your daddy!

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