A loss

Photographer Julie Steiskal lost her life in a tragic accident on Wednesday trying to save a teenager on a waterfall in Minnesota.  She was part of a large community of photographers who will greatly miss her and are saddend by the loss.  Peace to her and her family and that of the the young woman that she was trying to save.  


Image courtesy Daniel Snow Photography.

Jeanette K - Just wanted to say that although I did not know Julie personally, I knew of her on photography forums. She seemed so vibrant and kind hearted. This story STILL gives me chills and makes my heart hurt. It’s wild how this complete stranger effected me. I actually get choked up over this loss. But on the flip side of that, how wonderful is it that this complete stranger has such an amazing effect on me as well as others? She lives on through all those she touched.

Thanks for posting about her…..

Jeanette K

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