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Friday Favorites! :)

Several times a year, I find myself calling friends, relatives, and occasionally hopping a plane in search of a few things I have found around the country that I simply can’t live without.  So since that one lady you know…I think her name is Oprah…  had a list of her favorite things.. .I decided I […]

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smittengreta - so do we all get a freebie of each of your fav things like oprah’s audience?!?!?!?!? cause i could totally go for some no more shaving right now!!!! or any of those things really!!! 🙂

ohana photographers - have you tried zero? it’s awesome we like diet dr pepper too! they don’t taste diet, which is good.

Karri Kinder - You pictures are beautiful.I look forward to meeting you and by the way I have to read US Weekly.One of the best little pleasures in life.LOL

brandy - I LOVE US weekly, too! One of my favorite things these days is a pina colada slush from Taco Bell! YUM!

Kelly - I rally like that Mr.Clean lavendar too. Your right, the house smells really good.

Hello Gorgeous! Stacy’s Bridals…

Every once and awhile you meet “that” client.  You know, the one that tells you she doesn’t look good in pictures, and then you meet her and she is DROP. DEAD. GORGEOUS.  That’s Stacy!  Stunning in every way. Stacy is a dancer and owns Varations Dance Studio in Auburn.  She said several moms at the […]

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East Alabama Living 2010 Bridal Issue » Burnett Photography Photo Blog - […] in July of 2009, I shot Stacy’s Bridal images a few weeks before her wedding.  She submitted them to East Alabama Living for their special […]

Lisette Price - Sooooo gorgeous! I love, love, love the last one!

Zak - Just beautiful!!

ohana photographers - stunning stunning stunning!!

robin cornett - Wow oh WOW. The pictures are beautiful, and she is STUNNING. Kudos to you for managing to sit on them. Love that second one especially.

Rachael Earl - These are stunning, Jamie!!!

Candy Avera - Gorgeous!

Brandi - She is GORGEOUS! Great job !

Can I keep this baby… Please????

I have two boys, both of which I love more than anything… but I found a baby that I totally want to keep!  Miss Maddie is Adorable in every way possible. (Notice the capital A!)   Not to mention that  during this shoot I captured quite possible one of my favorite family images EVER!!!!! THIS […]

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Katie - This baby is adorable!! And of course, the photos are great. You captured so many great expressions!

Lisette Price - I can see why you wanted to keep that adorable little girl! Oh my gosh! 🙂 What a beautiful family. I just love your post processing Jamie!

ohana photographers - holy smokes i LOVE that first one!! that face is absolutely AWESOME!! great session jamie!

robin cornett - What a darling family! That first picture is fantastic, and so is the next one, and I love the baby in that little white dress. Beautiful!

Brandi - SO CUTE. That first one just slays me. Mom and Dad are a good looking pair, no wonder their baby is so cute.

Rachael Earl - She is darling! I love that first one!

camille - jamie, you rock. i mean, i knew that already, but you just rock. these images are WONDERFUL; i would treasure them forever if i were that mother. you are talented.

A family in the park…

I shot a quick session in the park with Courtney, her little sister Riley, and her brother Hadden, there were replica trains for amusement parks, in which they had lots of fun.  Mom was in town so she wanted some of the kids together since Courtney is in college here in Auburn.  So here’s a […]

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Angie - Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your work! You rock!! 🙂

Sofie - Love the cute feet shot!!

Zak - That second one is super adorable! 🙂

Hayle & Cody >> Married!

I first met Hayle when they interviewed me to be her wedding photographer almost a year ago and I really liked her!  I met her again with her fiance Cody for their engagement session a coupe months ago, and they were so much fun I loved them!  Then I got to see them again this […]

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chelo - You are right, the details are beautiful! I’m diggin those invitations. I love your group shot too.

smittengreta - that shot of the whole wedding party is so polished and precise! wow, nice! i really like the pic of the church sign too – really different!

Lisette Price - What a beautiful place for a wedding!!! I love the group shot and the one you took from in the water!

Zak - Serious torture going on here! Cake, choc covered strawberries, and a lake on a super hot SoCal day. Grrrr! Love these Jamie! Beautiful couple and I love the colors they picked too. 🙂

Katie - I LOVE their pix! They had a really pretty reception location.

F a c e b o o k   M e !