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Airplane, Airplanes, Everywhere!

We took a trip down to Tucson, AZ to the Pima Air and Space Museum.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but was shocked at how many planes they actually have have parked in the desert.  If you are going in the heat, I would suggest taking the tram ride, as it gets pretty warm […]

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tami - jamie, thanks for showing me some of arizona! i miss it so much and these pics are just awesome!

Lisette Price - How fun! We went to the Museum of Flight when we lived in Washington and it was so interesting. Love the 3rd shot!

Kellie - i don’t know how hot its been this week in AZ, but my word was it hot in Redding, CA!!!! 120F+ however, glad the humidity wasn’t along for the ride! and… who would’ve thought old beat up planes could look so cool!! nice work with the pics! Super Guppy to the rescueeeeee! oh and ps, what a phone book? ha, im the same, like to constantly be learning and reading more about our craft! so…. bring on more hours online! 🙂

Vanessa - Wow! Intriguing planes!! I like how your colors POP!

Kadie Pangburn - Ok… so you come to Tucson and don’t even look me up… I see how it is. You know my house is 1 min from Pima air and space…

Just saying…

I’m glad you guys had a good time though!

Rachael Earl - I never knew this place existed! (Although I don’t make it down to Tucson all that often…) Cool shots!

Becka (Studio222 Photography) - Those photos are great! What a beautiful location! I love Arizona, I have a bunch of family there and it’s always so fun to visit.

Tiffany Izatt - That looks like a really cool place, I wonder if you could do a shoot there, it looks really fun!

10 things you didn’t know…

So I have come to understand that the purpose of a photography blog is so that readers get you know you as well as see your work and the images you create.  Ideally brides should be able to know your personality if they are going to spend their entire wedding day with you.  Makes sense… So , […]

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Sarah Tolson Photography - #10 is my favorite. I am soo using that!!

willj - fun idea, Jamie !

Here’s mine:

I secretly enjoy Justin Timberlake’s music. (whoops. Not a secret anymore, I guess.)

Jill Higgins - Ha – I can relate with #8. My uncle has a saying, “I don’t know what I’m going to say until I hear it!”

Courtney - Jamie! Thanks for starting this. What a GREAT idea!

I too, say Whoohoo all too often! I love your #10! TFS!

Zak - I’m an internet junkie as well. Now it’s even on my phone! Yeah!!!

mk - Only one hot husband, huh? 😉

Jules - I love mustard on top of m&m’s. (Seriously, try it! Yellow mustard though, not the brown stuff.)

Rachael Earl - I forgot to leave a fun fact about myself, although there are 11 on my blog.
Here’s one-I got a full-ride academic scholarship to ASU (and then majored in Photography…go figure!)

Clare Day - Buttcheeks…..teehee 🙂

Rachael Earl - You made me say “buttcheeks” too! But my response was more like “huh”?

Brandi Thompson - Is it possible to use the internet too much? And oh.. I’m drinking Diet Coke right now as well. I drink Cherry Diet Coke mostly, but I drink my hubby’s regular Diet Coke when I am out of mine, haha.

Dustin Izatt - I collect rocks, minerals, and fossils 😛

Can you guess what this is????

First things first… We have a brand new blog!  Yeah… Thank you Jared for all your hard work and coding and all that stuff you do to make things so functional.  I heart my new matching blog with great big images! Now on to the image… Can you guess what this is???  If you guessed a pool […]

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chelo - Neat! Who knew?

But it looked like Art to me 😛

Michelle - Oh my goodness! I’ve always wanted to try this! HAHA!

Katie Beverley - I’m gonna have to try this out now!!! Awesome looking blog by the way! Love it!

Kellie - i’m really happy to have made you laugh out loud! the diet coke was fun, we were tempted to send it in to Coca Cola and see if they wanted it… but alas, we didn’t! and i actually have a pic of all the girls with a bottle each. It was a fav drink of the bride (an old housemate), who always had a slab of them in the pantry! haha

Kellie - obviously i didn’t read the HOLW post before commenting! duh… you can laugh at me now! 🙂

Kellie - its a Pool noodle (flotation device) but it’s been turned into a pretzl/curly straw shape! am i right?

Wayne Toshikazu - That thing looks dangerous! 🙂

Chrissie - Um, yeah, I hear you!! I did a water aerobics class when I was pregnant back in 2003 and it kicked my butt!!!

Love the look of the blog!

betsy - Awesome! I taught water aerobics all through college. Kicks your booty, huh? Good for you!

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I laughed out loud….still not sure if weddings are for me. ; )

Oh and btw, welcome to the Jared’s blog club. I think we should make a facebook fanclub or something.

Got Gators?

We have finally returned from our travels after several flights and several states we’re happy to be back home.  During a drive from Alabama to Panama City Beach, we drove through the town of Eufaula.  They have a massive lake that runs under the bridges that take you through the town.  We noticed that there […]

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Lindsey - Wow, that’s hilarious!

Also awesome that you took the time to get your zoom lens on (I hope that wasn’t wide angle at least) and grab some pics of those gators!

Rachael Earl - Yet another reason why I stay on this side of the country!!! Okay, but that second shot is pretty dang awesome! Thank goodness for zoom lenses…

F a c e b o o k   M e !