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A loss

Photographer Julie Steiskal lost her life in a tragic accident on Wednesday trying to save a teenager on a waterfall in Minnesota.  She was part of a large community of photographers who will greatly miss her and are saddend by the loss.  Peace to her and her family and that of the the young woman that she […]

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Jeanette K - Just wanted to say that although I did not know Julie personally, I knew of her on photography forums. She seemed so vibrant and kind hearted. This story STILL gives me chills and makes my heart hurt. It’s wild how this complete stranger effected me. I actually get choked up over this loss. But on the flip side of that, how wonderful is it that this complete stranger has such an amazing effect on me as well as others? She lives on through all those she touched.

Thanks for posting about her…..

Jeanette K

What is SOOC?

SOOC is an acronym for Straight Out Of the Camera. Meaning the images that come directly from the camera. I like to call these raw, unedited images. Something that we do to make our images extra special is to give them some extra love… For instance… When you order a print from us, before we […]

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An Amateur Photographer Parent’s Dilema [138/365] | Daily Window - […] week, I decided to show you a typical straight out of the camera (SOOC) shot next to the edited result. This is one I was happy with before doing any editing and […]

Jonathan Dear - Hey J! I love your processing – its not over the top, or too much – its perfect! It really just lets the strength of your photos shine without lots of effects / overprocessing! +1 for a fan of your work!

Billy Jean - I <3 your images!

Thank You Rachael!!

Thank you to the fablous Rachael Earl for taking some great images of me today.  I must admit I am totally not good in front of the camera… But she was able to make do with a not so great subject!  Thanks Rachael.. YOU ROCK!  She did good huh…. She even got my shootsac… My […]

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oly - congratulations on the new bag =) very nice =)


Sarah Tolson Photography - You are both super cute!! Great shots!

Lisette Price - You both look beautiful!!

Lisa Walsh - Those are great! Don’t you just LOVE your shootsac? I don’t know what I ever did without one!

Mike Warren - What do you mean youre not good in front of the camera! Greaet shots!

Rachael Earl - Thanks, Jamie! Had a blast with you today (even with the kids craziness!) I look forward to hanging out again!

F a c e b o o k   M e !