I’m alive…. Really I am!

I can’t believe it’s been a month since I blogged.  Gasp!  The past month and the next few have been a whirlwind of weddings, baseball championships, moving, weddings, travels, weddings and unpacking!  First, we moved.  We are still in Auburn, we just finally found a house that we liked with our own pool.  Something you take for granted when living in Arizona, where almost all the homes have pools.  So when I say busy, that may be an understatement, because moving along with all of the new home remodeling has been crazy. If you are planning on doing some improvements to your home, consider improve your Sub Floor Ventilation, it will be a good invest and a good upgrade to your home!

I also wanted to take a moment to congratulate the Auburn Dixie White Sox for their win in the championship game.  They played hard, and they all did a faboulous job, I may be a little biased because my son also plays on the team!  🙂  All I have are cel phone pictures since we waited for hours in the rain, I wasn’t brave enough to bring out the big camera…

Check out the facbook page for more sneak peek shots of recent weddings!

Happy Summer!

Heather Nunley - Glad to see you back. We missed you! You can post pictures on Facebook but it lacks your wonderful personality that you put in the blog.

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