How to Photograph your Christmas Tree

It’s a little chilly here in Alabama, ok A LOT chilly.  So I hope you are taking this opportunity to snuggle up with your loved ones and enjoy the twinkling lights of your Christmas tree!

Photo Tip;  To take a great picture of your Christmas tree, Turn OFF your flash and turn up your ISO.  You may have to use a tripod, as your shutter speed will be low and you’ll want to avoid any blur caused from camera movement.

These images were shot in Manual mode at ISO 1250, Aperture f/3.2, Shutter 1/25 hand held

:) camille - ooh! love the christmas tree images! makes me want to have christmas all over again – or just come visit you in auburn. let’s make that happen!

OHANA PHOTOGRAPHERS - love your tree!!!

Rachael Earl - So gorgeous! My tree is ornament heavy on the bottom because the kids decorated it! Maybe someday we’ll have a “nice” tree 🙂

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