How to cut the wedding cake… Without a huge mess!

At every wedding I’ve ever photographed, the couple ceremoniously cuts the wedding cake and feeds each other a bite, and almost every time the bride and groom look at me and say… What do we do?

This is how I suggest you cut the cake for minimal mess and cake damage …Just in case any other brides out there wanted to know before they were behind their cake!

Use your serving set and make sure you have a small plate ready along with your champagne toasting glasses.

Cut from the bottom layer… Your caterer will most likely box up the top layer for you to save for your 1st anniversary.

While you are both holding the knife, make 2 cuts in a pizza type wedge…

Then use the knife or server and slide it under the wedge and place it on your plate.  If you made a small enough wedge, you should have just enough for two bites if you cut it in half!  The biggest mistake I see is when the couple tries to cut a big square… and well, it just gets awkward from there… Trust me the wedge has had the best success thus far.  🙂

The you give each other a bite… and hopefully be nice.

A champagne toast… And end with a kiss…

Voila!   There you have how to cut your bite of wedding cake made simple!  And I will leave you with a  gorgeous cake…

Tom - I AGREE! I help manage a wedding venue and we are also asked the same question! I would like to offer some other advice also. Cut the cake early. Older people often wait around just for the cake and they are typically bushed after a busy wedding day. Also, the cake takes a bit of time to cut and place on plates for the guests. If too many people leave you will take a lot of cake home! You spent a lot of time choosing a cake and invested a small fortune on it. It is one of the biggest wedding traditions… cut it early and let your guests enjoy it!

Zak Schwank - Mmmmmmm!

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