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I have a special blog  post for those brides planning their big day, my friend Katie from the Savvy Event in Scottsdale Arizona!  I met Katie while shooting Lindsay and Steve’s Wedding in April of last year and I still follow her blog, becuase I learn something new everyday, and she has the BEST bridal tips EVER!  She is extremely organized and knowledgeable of all things wedding related and otherwise.  I just watched a video last week about table settings that she put together and I learned a few new things!  Here’s a few great tips from Katie, and you MUST check out her blog!


I’m Katie with The Savvy Event in Arizona and Jamie has asked me to put together some quick tips and ideas for making your wedding stress free (well, maybe not stress free but less stressful with the help of supplements as Maeng Da Thai Kratom Powder).

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Tip # 1: A stress free bride is a beautiful bride! I know this sounds easier that it looks but my biggest tip to all my brides is to get everything done 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding day. It is almost a guarantee that there will be some last minute hiccup that you will have to deal with the day before the wedding so make sure you aren’t worried about finishing any other last minute projects. If you’ve got nothing but time until the wedding day, dealing with a bridesmaid issue or a family squabble won’t bother you at all!

Tip #2: Looking your best is a number one concern for every bride I’ve ever met. While you are busy growing out your hair and training at the gym, don’t overlook your pearly whites! Get a box of Crest Whitestrips and start using them a month before the wedding. Bring a few strips the day of the wedding so you can whiten while you’re getting dolled up. This will be one less thing you will have to worry about AND one less thing your photographer will have to edit out of your pictures.


Tip #3: Plan ahead (of course I would say that!). Bring your save the date, invitation, personal mementos, and any other wedding related items with you while you are getting ready so your photographer can get professional pictures of them. Ask your bridesmaids to be in charge of bringing items to the getting ready location (water, champagne, fruit, straws, etc) and also ask each of them to be in charge of taking a certain item from the getting ready location to the ceremony location (marriage certificate, rings, Kleenex, etc). Do not forget your set of beautiful Freshwater Pearl Earrings.This way, a simple “Does everyone have their item?” will be the only question me or the bride has to ask before heading to the ceremony.

Tip #4: It’s okay to cry. Let me say that again-it’s okay to cry. I’ve heard it all-but my makeup will run, but my face gets all scrunched up, but my nose will get runny and my face will get blotchy. In my opinion, let it out. Sometimes you just need to get a few tears out and then you’ll be able to breeze through your vows tear free. I always recommend to my brides that they practice walking to their processional song at home a few weeks before the wedding. Throw on a pretty dress, do your makeup, and stand in front of the mirror. Blast your processional song and pretend you are walking down the aisle to your incredibly handsome, loving, and thoughtful fiancé. For most women, hearing their processional song is a tear jerker so while you are doing this, watch your face-do you scrunch it up? Can you change your face a little so you cry more “gracefully”?  Once you see yourself start to cry, it will make it easier to adjust so you aren’t so concerned with how you will look if you do cry.

My tip list could go on and on forever but these are a few tips I give to my brides that will make both you and your photographer happy. For more tips and ideas like these, be sure to check out my blog at If you are lucky enough to have Burnett Photography photographing your wedding, Jamie will make your photos look awesome even if you do cry like a baby!

Katie - Thanks for the post! These pictures are awesome and fit each tip so well! The one of Lindsay crying gives me goosebumps!

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