Friday Favorites! :)

Several times a year, I find myself calling friends, relatives, and occasionally hopping a plane in search of a few things I have found around the country that I simply can’t live without.  So since that one lady you know…I think her name is Oprah…  had a list of her favorite things.. .I decided I can share some of mine too!

#1 on the list is a recent find, Mr. Clean with Febreeze in lavender vanilla scent.  I’m addicted.  I can spray down the kitchen counters and voila… the whole house smells clean, like a sunny spring day.  My husband thinks I spent the whole day cleaning and I have impressed the man… Not a bad find.

#2…. OMG…. If you have never had a delicious square of Indiana Pizza King Pizza… You are missing out.  Thin crust, chopped toppings, all cut in itty bitty edible squares.  My family and the airport hate me.  Last fall I had my aunt drive me 11, no that’s not a typo, Pizza King pizzas all the way from Indiana.  When I fly into Indy, I also have them half cook them and freeze them, so I fit a few in my carry on bag on the way back home. Try explaining to the TSA why you have a suitcase full of pizza.  Some locations even have a train that brings your drinks to the table!  Once you have pizza from the king… you’ll crave it forever!

#3.  I feel a bit guilty about this one.  I am a Diet Coke addict, through and through.. ask anyone… my friends have been known to drop off a case at my place when I have a birthday or holiday.. No joke.  But I recently gave Diet Dr. Pepper a try… and yummm… It’s like a desert version of my Diet Coke!

#4.  Beaver Honey Mustard.  Now that you have stopped laughing from saying “beaver”…. I can tell you that it is a mix of honey mustard and something that I *think* is horseradish.  My kids love it on their chicken nuggets, and it’s excellent on a turkey sandwich, and the best part….. only 15 calories, 0 fat and 2 carbs!  Yes, I also realize half of my list is food!

#5.  US Weekly… Because everyone needs a smidge of tabloid news to realize how good they really have it!

Lat but not least… #6… Laser Hair Removal.  Five words ladies…. “NEVER SHAVE YOUR LEGS AGAIN!”   I have the absolute best laser hair tech in Phoenix, so an occasional trip back to the Valley of the Sun is always a trip well taken!  Oh- and they say that laser hair removal feels like a rubber band snap, I’m here to tell you that’s BS…It feels like being stabbed with a hot needle repeatedly, but it’s well worth it!

So enjoy, and tell me a few of your favorite things!

All images sourced from the websites above.

smittengreta - so do we all get a freebie of each of your fav things like oprah’s audience?!?!?!?!? cause i could totally go for some no more shaving right now!!!! or any of those things really!!! 🙂

ohana photographers - have you tried zero? it’s awesome we like diet dr pepper too! they don’t taste diet, which is good.

Karri Kinder - You pictures are beautiful.I look forward to meeting you and by the way I have to read US Weekly.One of the best little pleasures in life.LOL

brandy - I LOVE US weekly, too! One of my favorite things these days is a pina colada slush from Taco Bell! YUM!

Kelly - I rally like that Mr.Clean lavendar too. Your right, the house smells really good.

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