Riley is 4… and she is ADORABLE!!!

If you have met me, you might have noticed that I never really meet a stranger.  I love meeting new people and finding out all about them, and more often than not, we have something in common.  When I met with Riley’s family, we both recently moved to Auburn from the Western side of the country, we both have 4 year olds that will be going to the same school, and we both love Dancing with the Stars.  Well, to be honest, I love dancing with the stars because I am just amazed at the talent of the dancers, and I secretly wish I had some dance skills.  They love dancing with the stars, because little Riley’s Dad has a sister that actually dances on the show!   Yes… you heard me right!  I was so impressed, I rattled off all my favorites, and hope they didn’t think I was a DWTS stalker. After they told me who the dancer was, I could totally see the resemblance, especially in little Riley who is 4!

Yes count them… She is a big F-O-U-R!

Auburn Family

How cute is she????  🙂

Now how cute is this whole family???

This is one of my favorites!

So many great genes in one family should be illegal!  🙂

Thanks for a great session, I had fun and will see you at preschool this fall!  😉

Stefanie - How adorable is she? Love them all!

Zak - oh soooo cute! They are such an adorable family. 🙂 I really love #4 a ton…maybe cuz she’s 4. 🙂

Valerie Schooling - Oh wow they don’t come much cuter than this. You did such an amazing job with this shoot…you had me saying “Awwww” to every pic!

Jodi Wells - These are wonderful Jamie!! The second one is so gorgeous!

Shannon Velloza - Gorgeous images and yes….so many good genes in one family should be illegal! Happy Birthday to the little princess!

Staley Wessel - They are so beautiful!
I love looking at your work.

Brittany - These are great shots. I love the second one of Riley, the shoe shot, and the family close-up. Nice work!

Mary Beth Johnson - Love these! TOO CUTE! 🙂

Lisette Price - Oh.My.God. Jamie!!!! I love love LOVE #2 and #4. What a fabulous session!!! So now you have to tell me who the dancer is!!! I love that show! 🙂

robin - What a gorgeous family!! I love that second one, and the one with their feet in the background too. Soooo pretty. Fabulous pictures!

Rachael Earl - Darling! I love the one with their feet and how she’s standing!

Brooke Hightower - Oh my gosh. I love them so much! Thanks so much for today…you are incredible!!!

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