FOUND: Mentally Unstable Cat

Sure, he looks innocent, maybe even snugly and friendly, but this cat is nothing but… He has been wandering around our neighborhood for months, but yet no one will claim him. Maybe a checkup at veterinary clinic albuquerque nm is needed since he’s been wandering around to know if he’s in good condition. We call him Kitty, the neighbors call him Snow Leopard and the people down the street call him Aubie, my husband calls him the cat from hell.  Is he your kitty?  I can understand not wanting to claim him, as he is obviously not right.  He chases dogs, attacks small children and even took off after a wild fox.   He hides under the patio furniture and will claw your legs when you walk by, he usually draws blood. He tears up my flower arrangements and potties in our sandbox.  He leaves dead lizards and birds in the grass and rips my outdoor cushions with his razor sharp claws, there was some door repairs to do, thanks to this we were able to look at him from the inside.  We peek out the door and look both ways since he arrived.  He comes out of nowhere, he might have PTSD.  (Please note I only have pictures through the door, he bites)

Take for example, My son was sitting on the steps, Kitty comes up and lays he fuzzy face on his lap, then out of nowhere he attacks his head.  I even have cel phone evidence.

Someone has to know who this kitty belongs to… He must have a mauled family out there somewhere wandering where he is… I promise I won’t judge, You can just come get him.  For the love of god, please take this guy back home so he can have his medicine.

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F a c e b o o k   M e !