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Bridal Show this Sunday in Auburn, AL….

Quantum of Auburn is hosting a bridal show/ wedding show this Sunday at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center at Auburn University.  If  you are loking for a wedding photographer, or just want to check out the show, please stop by and visit Tungsten Rings. In addition, check out CBD Watch Repairs Brisbane with […]

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Busy busy…. | Burnett Photography Photo Blog - […] bridal show and I’ve not been such a great blogger.  I met so many beautiful brides at the Auburn Bridal show, and some great vendors too.  It was so nice to meet everyone I look forward to meeting with the […]

Jenna K. - Can’t wait to meet you this Sunday, thanks for all the help with my wedding questions!

Kara - You are by far one of the best photographers I have found. I can’t wait for you to shoot my wedding.

Rachael Earl - GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!! (Not that you need it because you’ll knock ’em dead!)

Lisette & Tim >> Friends!

Do you ever meet someone and instantly feel like you know them?  You laugh at the same things and have the same interests… and then it just gets better from there…  That’s how it was the first time Lisette and I met, and it just gets more fun every time we get together. Last weekend […]

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Mary Marantz - beautiful!! what a great looking couple!! I LOVE her outfit!

Candice Brooke - I love all these photos! You really know how to bring out the color in people!

Zak - Domo arigato Mr. Robato! Awesome Jamie! Love these especially the vintage one above Mr. Robato. Sweet!

Rachael Earl - OK-those two are too cute! Love the last two-you need to come back and swap families shoots w/ me! : )

gretchen knoblock - i love how sharp your images are! your work is awesome!

ohana photographers - woo hoo jamie! yay for photographers shootin photographers!! these came out awesome and looked like you guys had so much fun!! the last shot just makes me smile! have a rad weekend!!

Lisette Price - Jamie thank you SO much for these photos and your kind words! We had a great time with you and your family and can’t wait to get together again soon. We both love how beautiful they turned out!

Trisha & Dan… ENGAGED!

Trisha and Dan  are one of those couples that you love to hang out with.  They are fun, romantic, silly, and totally in love.  I was so excited when they chose me to shoot their wedding and engagement session. We shot their Engagement session in Phoenix, Arizona, and there wedding will be in Sedona, AZ! […]

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Trisha & Dan’s Engagement Album | Burnett Photography Photo Blog - […] Trisha and Dan chose to create a custom guestbook with their favorite engagement images.  Their guests will then be able to sign in their book and see all of their fun images.  We had such a great time  shooting their engagement this fall, and I can’t wait to shoot their destination wedding in Sedona, Arizona this May.   These are also available in duplicate copies and make great parent gifts!   Here’s a look at their album design… […]

Dennis - Wonderful work….they look like they had a great time!

Katie - Jamie-I love the one of them in bed! That looks like it should be in a magazine or something-so creative and cute!!!

Shirley - They look like they were having a ball during this photo shoot Jamie & that has a lot to do with you making them feel comfortable.

chelo - Oh my gosh! Love the first photo!!! Too cool Jamie!

Rachael Earl - So cute-love the one through the bike spokes-they look like tons of fun!

Mark W. - Loved these shots Jamie!

Wai Reyes Photography - Looks like a fun shoot! Love the ring shots. 😉


MattDJ - What an AWESOME session Jamie!! Great work. I bet they’re proud of these!! 🙂

Brandi - These are so cute I particularly love the first one.

Frank DiMeo - I really like the first one too Jamie!
Lots of intimate moments, great job!

Michelle Jones - Lovely shots, you rock! I love the one on the bed, too cute!

Clare Day - I LOVE the one on the doorhandle 🙂 too cute. Great set of images!

Zak - Holy cow! You nailed it! Love this shoot! The spoke shot, the ring shots, awesome! And Trisha’s dad is funny!

Amy - They must be pretty excited about these, and my oh my, that is a unique ring shot. The first one is still my favorite, I love the sense of humor they share.

ohana photographers - i cannot begin to say how much i LOVE that first image!!! love it! this whole set is awesome! the last shot cracks me up!!! awesome jamie!!!

Jaymie - What a cute couple! I love the first one… =)

Kadie Pangburn - love these, they show off their personality so well!

Scott Fillmer - J, oh my… that was one of your best shoots I have seen since I started following your blog… I absolutely love the photo through the spokes of the bike, just great. Most of the time the most simple shots turn out to be the best, and although the shot is complex the composition is very simple and pleasing to the eye, I love it. Great shoot.

Tawnya - I love this whole session- you did an awesome job! That camel sign is too funny- and I love how creative you were witht he bike shots! AWESOME!

Lysha - I love your stuff. So creative. Did you do these in Auburn?

Amanda Suanne - LOOOOVE these.. the first one is priceless ! Great job capturing their life!

Kelly - I love these! You really seemed to capture them. I feel like I know them just from these shots! I love the first one and the bike shots.

courtney - OMG I love that last one! 🙂 But they are all fabulous. And what a great ring shot using the bike wheel like that 🙂

Brandi Brown - They are adorable! I love when you can see how much a couple loves each other. They look so comfortable together.

Lisa Walsh - That series was SO much fun!!! I love them all!

yunna - Love the way you incorporated their lifestyle and everything into their pictures! Definetly bringing it up with all the cool little things that show who they are. (esp. those hot red shoes! hehe) I am sure they will be loving these photographs 🙂

Amy - OMG I love this set!
The one’s in the bedroom are awesome! What a great idea! I love it! The colors were spot on and I love the concept!

Roz Mitchell - These are so inspiring and cute! I really love how you incorporated the bike into the photos! These will be so special to them!


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