And the winner is……….

So today was the drawing for the winner of the engagement session and I decided to make a video….  ummm yeah…. I realized 3 things…

1.  I am a complete dork

2. I blink a LOT!

3.  I need to stay behind a camera, because it took my several times to actually say words that made sense in a sentence.  Which is odd, because I am fine in front of people, but a little camera had me all nervous.  I have no future in TV!

And the winner is……………..

Free Engagement Session Winner from Jamie B on Vimeo.


Dave - Hi Jamie!

After reading #2 couldn’t help but comment. I apparently have a nervous blinking habit too. I’ve probably had it my entire life but only realized it about 5 years ago when my wife told me. I say that to say this….you don’t blink a lot….trust me. I look like a freaking hummingbird when I get in front of a video camera. You however…did just fine! 🙂

Have a great day!


Lisette Price - Look at you all nervous! I never ever would have guessed that! 🙂 Congrats to the winners!!!

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