Amanda & Larry >> Engaged!!!

I met Amanda and Larry at their home for the first part of their engagement session.  They wanted to incorporate their home into some of their images, which I LOVE when couples show their true selves in their images.  I had Larry moving lawn furniture, his big screen TV, and even had him standing on his TV stand;  I think I scared him slightly.    Well…. I was later paid back by a terrifying golf cart ride and I think Larry got the last laugh!

We headed over to Moore’s Mill Golf club and in order to incorporate the water, we had to ride over to the 8th hole.  We head over to the golf carts where they are 2 passenger carts, and there were three of us.  That should have been my first clue.  As I had about 1 foot in Larry took off, and I jumped on holding on for dear life.  I think I may have been sitting on Amanda’s lap.  I was hanging on to 4 lenses and a camera going full golf cart speed, which probably isn’t very fast, but it felt like it.  At this point, I’m picturing telling my insurance agent something like… Well, I was on a speeding golf cart and the lens just couldn’t hang with the big dogs….

I may have been a little giddy , OK I admit.. I was scared.  As we sped down the winding cart path a fuzzy little squirrel ran right out in front of us, so mid sentence I yelled “SQUIRREL!!”  To which Larry and Amanda bust out laughing.  I should mention I have a tendency to lock em’ up for anything in the road, which is apparently not normal.   The squirrel made it across unscathed, but the word “squirrel” from then on made a normal smile into instant laughter.


I tried to keep the ring… Amanda really wanted to keep it.   🙂  GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

Did someone say Squirrel?!?!?!?


Congratulations Amanda and Larry… I can’t wait to shoot your December wedding!

Alexandra - Oooh i love the one of the 2 of them on the lawn, her on the floor holding his leg, really nice 🙂

Brianna Phelan - These are fantastic. Great post!

Marguerite - Just beautiful, and I’d want to keep her ring too!

Jeannie - I love the golf cart image. Sweet, intimate photos for a lovely couple.

Anne-M - Really, really love the last one! 🙂

Becka @Studio222 - Wow…whatever twinkling contraption is hanging down in that last one…it’s MAGICAL!

ohana photographers - holy super cute couple batman!! love the golf cart shot and that bling, now THAT is a rock!

robin cornett - Oh that last one is lovely! And I really like the shot with their dog at the beginning, too.

camille - great work, jamie. i love how unique the photos are to the couple. you continue to rock.

smittengreta - aw, that first ring shot is so perfect, i love how you included their invites! and love that golf cart portrait too – they turned on the fierce!! 🙂

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