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Auburn family of four…

Tonight I met with a great family with two spunky little boys that remind me very much of my own.  Full of energy and lots of laughs.  We are both new to Auburn, so it’s always nice to meet great new people. Unlike Arizona, Alabama has lots of green grass and trees… I might get […]

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Jayme - I LOVE this family session. Wish I could capture people in a more natural way like this. Great stuff!

tiffany izatt - what a fun family, such smiles

chelo - I love the photo of them walking along the wall!!

Great set!

Shirley - What great pictures. Looks like they all had a fun day – and with two little active boys. I’m sure you made them feel at east and enjoy the photo shoot.

Misty Dawn - OMG how ADORABLE is the little boy with the missing front teeth!! He’s so willing to bear his toothless grin to the world too! I love it! The 2nd one is my favorite, its different and I just love it. Awesome job, Jamie!

Lisette Price - The first one is my favorite too! And I love that toothless smile the little boy in the blue shirt has. 🙂

Scott Fillmer - Jamie, they look great… where did you do the shoot? It looks really familiar but I just can’t put my finger on it 🙂

Rachael Earl - These are so creative and fun! I love the second one!

donna - Ohhhhh, these pics are so good! (Even with the sweat and humid big hair!) 🙂 Can’t wait to see the rest of them! Thank you! I can’t decide which is my favorite!!!

An unwelcome visitor….

Call me a city girl, but snakes are just not something I care to see…EVER!  This guy decided he was going to hang out by the back door, and after a few panicked phone calls to the neighbor and the husband, I realized that no one was coming to my rescue, and I was not […]

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Lisette Price - I would have freaked out too!!! Oh I hate snakes!

greta - aw, he looks like he wants to be friends 🙂

Katie - Scary! The only thing I know about snakes is that I don’t like them!!!!

robin - ew. little snakes are ok, but this guy doesn’t look all that little. i would have stayed inside, too! the good news is that he wasn’t in the house with you. somehow we have tiny baby snakes that keep showing up in ours. i can deal with them but i don’t want them in my house!

Kellie - he doesn’t look very friendly thats for SURE! I’m hoping by now he’s slithered his slimy body away from your door?! either that or it’s been “taken care of” by some snake pro! I’m an aussie, and we have a reputation for some nasty creatures… and i’ve come close to some snakes… and i still don’t like em!!

Scott Fillmer - wow… not my favorite either, but you sure did manage to get close enough to get a good pic 🙂

Rachael Earl - Did you dun shoot ‘er wit yer shotgun?

Amy - All I can say is, “EEEK!” I am with you, not a fan of those little buggers.

I love surprises…

I LOVE surprises, but I hate suspense.  Presents under the tree drive me bananas, but a random card or gift in mail makes my day.  Today is our anniversary, and my husband likes to wait until the last minute, because he knows I look in every nook and cranny in the hopes of finding a […]

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Jenn Culp - That is so sweet!!!!
I LOVE the pic! Fisheyes are amazing!

chelo - That is so sweet! Congratulations!

Sweet hardwood floors by the way LOL!

greta - aw… my 7th anniversary was the 1st!! 🙂 congrats jamie!

Lisette Price - How sweet!

Katie - How sweet! Congrats on your anniversary!

Scott Fillmer - How sweet… and I love the fisheye shot, wow.

Watch out girls, there’s a new planner in town!

This April I had the pleasure to work with Arizona wedding planner Katie Kokott of The Savvy Event at Steve and Lindsay’s Scottsdale wedding.  She now has a new site at The Savvy Event! She is super cute and one of the most organized people I have ever met.  I actually had to call her […]

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Jamie - Update… You should check her site daily.. I find something awesome on there every day!

Katie - Jamie,
You are too sweet! Thank you for the awesome blog post. 🙂

Rachael Earl - Such a cute site! I left her some blog comments as well. She has some really cute ideas!

Do you facebook?

Add me…. I just figured out how to add pictures and updates from my cel phone!  It’s not rocket science, but very fun!  I just added some storm pictures from tropical storm Fay!  

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Katie - I don’t know Jamie but that sounds pretty tricky! I am kind of computer savvy but the whole facebook and myspace thing seems to be better understood by my 12 year old sister than by me! 🙂

Lisette Price - You crack me up with your picture and facebook comments! I believe we are both drowning in rain & watching for tornados. It was never like this back in Virginia where I grew up. Where are those mountains when you need them!? 🙂

F a c e b o o k   M e !