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Do you facebook?

Add me…. I just figured out how to add pictures and updates from my cel phone!  It’s not rocket science, but very fun!  I just added some storm pictures from tropical storm Fay!  

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Katie - I don’t know Jamie but that sounds pretty tricky! I am kind of computer savvy but the whole facebook and myspace thing seems to be better understood by my 12 year old sister than by me! 🙂

Lisette Price - You crack me up with your picture and facebook comments! I believe we are both drowning in rain & watching for tornados. It was never like this back in Virginia where I grew up. Where are those mountains when you need them!? 🙂

Giving Back…

I met Kristen of Paintings and Polka Dots today.  Talk about inspiration, Kristen is a breast cancer survivor and the founder of Paintings and Polka Dots. She has hand made paintings for childrens’ rooms and a portion of your purchase goes to help fight breast cancer. Check out some of her cute designs… All pictures […]

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Kristin Hunt - Jamie!! You are awesome!! Thankyou for your kindness and enthusiasm!!! It is contagious!! 🙂

Lisette Price - How cute! I love her designs!

We made it!

I’ve been surrounded by boxes since Monday morning but for those who have sent me messages asking if we ever arrived… YES!  We’re here!  I’ve been diligently unpacking for what seems like forever and still can’t seem to find the exact things I have been looking for… Oh silverware… Where are you?????  And just for […]

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chelo - Cool! Glad you made it in one piece 🙂

Elizabeth - So, as long as it is useful, it can be dumped? What an odd sign!

tiffany izatt - that sign reminds me of Ireland, all rubbish…:)

Rachael Earl - That sign is funny-love your border, too! I’m done changing my logo! Changed my whole site just now-just need to add more images in.

Here we go….

The day has come… The moving truck arrived… This was formally our kitchen… Now I’m off to bed.  It’s been a LONG day!  Auburn, Alabama here we come!

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Jenn Culp - HEHEH, how organized you must be!!! Look at that! I’m super impressed 🙂 I always get rid of our pantry food before a move!! … even if it’s just a 40 mile move — silly, I know!

greta - LOVE the moving truck pics!!! welcome to the southeast miss – humidity and bugs galore! yay??? 😀

Lisette Price - Wow those types of pictures are all too familiar to me! Good luck with the move. I can’t wait to meet you in person once you get here!

carrie - Hi! Good luck with the move!

Scott Fillmer - Good luck with the drive out here, what brings you to the plains? Welcome to Auburn, we do have one of the best labs in the state right here in Auburn and the only authorized Nikon dealer in the state, great to work with.

tiffany izatt - Oh my. That is a biiiiiggggg truck! You must have lots o stuff!

Heather - Wow everyone is moving! I am getting ready to go up to college next week! So I feel you! I hope your move is smooth and fun! I am extra nervous 🙂

chelo - Have a good move!! You packed really neatly! You should see when we pack, lol!

robin - good luck with the move!

Rachael Earl - Get ‘er done! Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?

When clay comes to life…

 I recently spent some time photographing Marcia McGovern teach one of her classes on making clay flowers.  I was absolutley amazed at her her talent and the meaning of each flower.  Marcia owns Bouquet of Blessings in Chandler, AZ and teaches classes throughout Arizona.  Here is a small sample of some of projects she teaches […]

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Kellie - Jamie, you coulda fooled me! on first glimpse i would’ve argued they were real! nice capture and well done to Marcia!

Heather - Wow those look so lifelike! That is incredible!!

F a c e b o o k   M e !